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Relocation Services 

The Allen & Son team works together with a supervisory crew to build a resident service manual for migrating tenant-in-place relocation. This arrangement includes planning and timelines to achieve the objectives of the redevelopment including remodeling, coordination of services for households, or restoration set up development venture. Allen and Son helps customers and tenants through each progress of the relocation case project.

Resident Services

Our specialist will attend to the needs of each resident during all phases of the resident relocation process.  Residents will receive an initial interview introducing the staff and indicate the service we will provide to make a smooth transition for them.  During this interview, the Relocation Specialist will complete a survey to ascertain the specific needs and requirements of the resident during this transition period.  Any information obtained will be kept confidential.  Once the relocation specialist has a clear understanding of the residents needs and preferences, he or she will assure you are given the best possible assistance.

Moving Services 

We specialize in moving residents to a permanent or temporary location. Once prepped, tenants' personal belongings are effectively & carefully loaded onto a dolly or moving truck to be transported to the new location. For the last 30 years, We have been an essential factor in our local and neighboring communities. 

Community Building 

Our Relocation Support Service is a link between the landowner, the contractor, and the tenant. The company’s purpose is to give community support services, and this means a process that combines arrangement, execution, and evaluation of different activities considering the tenant in place projects.

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