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The Allen & Son team works together with a supervisory crew to build a resident service manual for migrating tenant-in-place relocation. This arrangement includes planning and timelines to achieve the objectives of the redevelopment including remodeling, coordination of services for households, or restoration set up development venture. Allen and Son helps customers and tenants through each progress of the relocation case project.


  • Monitor resident’s packing progress to make sure they are ready on move date. If they are seniors or have physical disabilities, the relocation specialist will schedule the crew to pack the unit prior to move day.

  • Provide developer with weekly reports on progress and any issues that may arise.

  • Direct record reviews, management, oversight, and quality control.

  • Work with residents to prepare them for temporary relocation by providing check-ins and support.

  • Conduct relocation counseling and support the elderly’s needs. Ensure that they are prepared to move

  • Make sure the unit is clean and ready for the resident.

  • Make proactive decisions and listen carefully to the needs of residents.

  • Administer a survey to residents after the process is complete.

  • Participate in supervision meetings with the Relocation Coordinator and Project Director.

  • Manage logistics: develop a database to track the resident case management and project progress.

  • Conduct moving Seminars explaining the moving process and how to safely pack their property.

5-Step Relocation Plan

  • We initiate the process by conducting a home visit, where we complete a relocation survey and assess the property to see if there is anything that will need special attention during the move day (eg. medical equipment, hospital needs, oxygen, specialized furniture). We will also note tenant contact information and take relevant photos. 

  • We then assist the property management team with the relocation schedule to prepare for renovations.

  • A moving seminar will be conducted to outline the process, from moving services to renovations.

  • The assigned relocation specialist will conduct routine visits to assess the packing progress for each unit and ensure that all requirements are ready and met prior on move day.

  • Lastly, on move day, we accompany the movers to address any issues while the resident’s property is being moved to the permanent/temporary location.

Types of Relocation

  1. Tenant-in-Place: 

The tenant in-place service is provided when only a specific part of the apartment needs to be remodeled. Usually bathrooms, kitchens, doors, floors, walls and ceilings need to be refurbished or updated.  


Typically, this type of relocation service is given between Monday and Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. The relocation support specialist arranges the packing services for the goods that need to be protected and secured.


The relocation support specialist will coordinate with the occupants and will keep them notified with news and information about the process. Specialists will also set up spaces and community activities for tenants while their units undergo renovations. They will answer all the tenants' claims and concerns, and give responses in a short time period as well as being attentive and supportive.


  2. Total Permanent Off-Site Relocation:


Some projects take longer to remodel, furnish or refurbish. It all depends on the case, but the rehabilitation of some homes can take six months, twelve months or even more than a year. 

The service we provide is a permanent off-site relocation, which consists of the following steps:


The tenant will be relocated to another furnished unit. The tenant will take everything out of their unit into the permanent relocation. (here are cases where the unit they are going to is already furnished.)


Relocation specialists will keep the residents informed with schedules and recommendations to follow.  Packing services will be provided with the necessary boxes to box up items and replace bagged belongings. The specialist will assist the tenants during the packing process. 


Counseling will also be provided throughout the process and the coordination of moves. Clients will receive advice and guidance throughout the entire process and in different applications if need be.  


 3. Furnished Hospitality Units:


In this type of move, the tenant only has to prepare the necessary belongings for the move. The furniture will be well packed and located, without any risk.


This type of relocation occurs when it is less than one year and temporary units are assigned. These temporary units are equipped almost like a hotel where the resident will feel comfortable, such as providing a bed, fridge and other appliances.


The relocation specialist will be in charge of providing schedules as well as the relocation instructions and attend to the needs of the residents. Also, if necessary, they will provide seminars and activities to the community. Specialists may also arrange for future renovations and facilitate moving services. They will maintain an inventory of both locations, anticipate and minimize any tenant property damage. 


Regardless of any type of move, our relocation specialist is responsible for conducting a survey of each resident prior to the start of any move. 


The purpose of this survey is to gather information about the tenant and to get to know the home. Some questions are asked such as:


- If they have any medical problems or require special medication.

- If they have any employment problems.

- If they need assistance with disabilities.

- Advise clients on how to pack and provide them with boxes if necessary.

- Inform them about moving schedules and what is needed.

- Provide advice, resolve questions or any requests.


Our relocation specialists understand that most managers and tenants have not been through a relocation process. Their mission is to provide excellent coordination between the different parties, and avoid miscommunications to provide excellent service. 

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