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“One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn't as individuals.” – Jean Vanier

Introducing Allen And Son's Giveback Initiative "The Feel At Home Project"


Allen and Son Relocation Support Service's Initiative The Feel At Home Project puts smiles on the faces of our residents. Our mascot Buddy brings joy and completion to the relocation process, in addition to the stress free process that Allen and Son provides. We are happy to be of assistance and service to all of our partners!

Community Building

Our Relocation Support Service is a link between the landowner, the contractor, and the tenant. The company’s purpose is to give community support services, and this means a process that combines arrangement, execution, and evaluation of different activities considering the tenant in place projects.


Meanwhile, while the temporary tenant relocation occurs, our relocation specialist support services include assistance constructing a resident’s relation and community development to increase their quality of life. Our tenants are our biggest concern, and we want them to have a good housing redevelopment experience and make a stress-free moving process possible for all residents.


The Relocation Support Service focuses on on-site services to expand growth opportunities for the relocation of services, so tenants will get adapt to their new local area or community.

Our efforts include:

  • Newsletter with announcements and entertainment

  • Bingo fundraisers for community benefit projects

  • Culinary lessons

  • Games: card games, chess, Chinese checkers, etc. 

  • Movie nights

  • Helping residents thrive in their community

  • Offering steady types of assistance for residents of all abilities

  • Monitoring housing redevelopment and housekeeping compliance. 

  • Consistent communication with residents to address issues and concerns

  • Cultural relevant events 

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