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Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide a trustworthy and convenient tenant support service, effectively managing resident relocation case projects between the landlord, the contractor, and the tenant.

Our History

Founded in 1991, the Relocation Support Service Company emerged as a need to diversify the services from Allen Burrus’ first founded and successful company, Allen and Son Moving and Storage. With a borrowed five-hundred-dollar capital, Allen Burrus was able to purchase a truck, and he started as a local mover soliciting business from U-Haul customers. During that time, his son Demetrick was fifteen years old. Allen Burrus and his son had their first moving service in the Baltimore area.


Further on, opportunities from blended pay public and sponsored lodging helped the Relocation and Support Service Company develop. Allen & Son gained experience by helping and supporting local inhabitants to move.  Significant construction projects related to the redevelopment of residential buildings has taken place over the years.


Today, Allen & Son Moving and Storage is a company that has performed over 20,000 renovation projects. The specialized services ensure that residents are treated fairly as they experience minimum physical and emotional stress during the resident relocation process. Professionals in Project Relocation Management and Property Management, Allen & Son has been thriving in the moving industry.



Over the past 30 years, Allen Burrus has been a strong leader in resident support services and the real estate development industry. His strong entrepreneurial and leadership skills in the moving industry flourished across the country. He has a diverse background leading complex projects in public and private real estate development, federally funded resident relocation services for tax credit investment projects and new market tax credits.


Allen Burrus is the principal and managing member of Allen & Son Moving and Storage Inc. In addition, he manages a Relocation Specialist group providing consultation services related to HUD acquisition, rehabilitation, demolition, and disposition of projects for affordable housing developers and municipalities. Allen Burrus has vast experience and expertise in leading large and small complex affordable housing resident relocation case projects throughout the United States. His ability to work with a diverse population with limited resources allows him to successfully meet the needs of his clients. Stakeholder success and its great impact to the community drives Allen & Son Moving Storage Inc. to be considered a credible company in the industry. 


The Baltimore City Housing Authority and RAD projects are among the public and private sectors Allen and Son has performed services both as a Mover and as Resident Service Coordinator and Specialist.

Allen and Son has performed resident service coordination successfully for many clients, to include Volunteers of America, Community Preservation Development Corporation located in Washington D.C., Enterprise Homes, Edgewood Management, AHC Inc Winn Companies, NHP Foundation, Weinberg Manor, Pennrose Development Corporation, and many more. Experienced in Federal Relocation Programs/Regulations including the URA and other real estate/HUD related programs. Allen has worked in the public housing industry for over 30 years and is an active member of the Project Management Institute (PMI).

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