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Why Renovate & Relocate?

Florida Building
Florida Building

When most individuals hear the word ‘relocation’, they think about taking a job overseas and moving to London or Paris or some other extravagant location different from their current location. Or people think about relocating to a whole new state just for a new lifestyle. Relocation means to assist homes that require renovation to benefit the current tenants. However, renovations are not limited to just the living quarters for tenants.

Renovations and relocation assistance for tenants are very important to buildings, especially older buildings. If not properly inspected there may be risks of future damage. Take the Champlain Towers for example. Located in Surfside, Florida, at about 1:30am on June 24th, 2021, Champlain Towers unexpectedly collapsed. The source of cause is still under investigation, but it is led to believe that there may have been a couple different reasons behind why such a collapse occurred. The most popular source being the damage of the pool, more specifically the waterproofing that may have reached its expiration. A little explanation to back up this theory, when water enters concrete, it could reach the steel support, and when this happens, the steel will corrode and expand, causing the concrete to crack. Now, there are a few other theories for the cause of Champlain Towers' fall, such as land movement, new construction, but the bottom line is, if there is proof of structural damage, then there is a reason for you to look into housing rehabilitation or renovating your building and consider a relocation project management.

When is it absolutely necessary to renovate and have a relocation plan?

If your building is located in Florida, per the Miami-Dade County code, once a building has reached its 40th year, the building requires to be recertified by the Building Official. This code goes for all buildings except for single family homes, duplexes and minor structures. The owner of the building is required to hire a registered architect to inspect the building for any structural damages. They will also need to hire a professional engineer for electrical inspections to ensure the building is up to code. Once the architect and the engineer finish their inspections, they are then required to submit their reports to the Governmental Compliance Section. If all documents are approved of safety, a letter of approval for the Building Recertification will be mailed to the owner.

The Miami-Dade County Ordinance will provide a time limit to have the Building Recertification process. Failure to hire professionals to examine the building will receive a Building Violation. Failure to answer the Building Violation will result in having a hearing for the violation by the Unsafe Structure Board.

Where does the Relocation Support Service come in?

When the owner of the building needs to move forward with renovations, they will need relocation assistance and support service for their tenants. They may be given the option to break their lease for a total permanent off-site relocation due to how long the renovations may take, or they will be needing a tenant in place relocation for the time being until the renovations have been completed. That is where Relocation Support Service comes in.

Relocation Support Service communicates between the owner of the building, and the tenants. We assist with packing the tenants' homes up and moving them to their temporary relocation or furnished hospitality units. If requested, tenants are allowed to pack their items up themselves or receive packing services, but with Relocation Support Service, we are allowed to speed the process up if we notice the tenants may not meet the required relocating deadline.

All in all, we are the support system specialized in residential relocation services for the owner to ensure they can get their renovations done in their time limit for the county, as well as support services for the tenants to ensure we can move them comfortably and easily. We ensure all information is processed to each party and not a step is skipped.

Housing redevelopment is never bad if it is to benefit yourself, and your home. With Relocation Support Service, we can assist you to move comfortably into your home away from home. This is all to ensure complete support for the safety and comfort, and peace of mind for tenants and the building owner.

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