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Requesting Temporary Living Accommodations

Review the Relocation Accommodations
Review the Relocation Accommodations!

Not all relocation case projects result in immediate temporary moving, but it is also not unlikely that you will have to be relocated and stay in a new home for the time being. You have to look at it in a way that your home is going to be renovated and you will be even more comfortable when you return. However, some of these projects take time, and you may be stuck living in your temporary home longer than you wanted. It is best that when the initial project is brought to your attention you need to take the time to account what items will be needed and how much space you will require.

In some instances, your contract with your landlord may include a Relocation Clause. (We review the relocation clause here.) In that clause, information will be provided if a relocation case may occur along with information about where your relocation will place you. Before you sign that document, make sure you take the time to consider a few important keys.

How Long?

Be sure to check how long you will be staying in this temporary home while the reconstruction goes on. That way it helps you calculate what you would need. Clothes for certain seasons and cooking tools. Need to make sure if we need a pot or pan for future meals! Let us not forget if you have any hobbies you will need to figure out if you need all the tools during your time away from your home.


Always discuss the location of your temporary home. In the most ideal situation, your temporary home will be in the same apartment building and just moved to a renovated apartment for the time being. However, in the case that you are not graced with this method, discuss your requirements of the distance. If you do not have a car and you walk to and from work, you should always try to reason with the landlord to have a closer location similar to your home. You should never agree to be relocated to a home that is completely out of your way from managing your day-to-day life tasks.


The discussion on living space should also be discussed. If you are currently living in a two-bedroom two-bath apartment and have a family of four, surely it would not make any sense to move into a one-bedroom one-bath apartment. Ensure upon signing the contract that in case you have to be relocated, you will be honored with the same space you are currently renting.

Status of Temporary Home When being relocated into another apartment within the building you are renting from, it would only make sense that the temporary apartment is in the best condition. If you moved from your current home to be reconstructed into a temporary home that is just about the same shape, it would not be safe to be living in. Worst comes to worst, you will have to be relocated from that temporary home and into a new home. So discuss exactly where you will be staying and if the location is in good shape.

You should never feel overwhelmed about getting all the information in case you have to relocate for a certain amount of time. Ask all the questions you need in order to better prepare yourself as well as bring you peace of mind.

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