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Renovating while Renting

Renovating while Renting

Renovating while you are currently renting out your units can be tricky without any proper plan in place. Before unplanned renovations pop up, it is best to research when renovations are common, which is preferably every 15 to 20 years. Not all buildings are going to have the same renovation cases, but having someone come out and examine the property consistently can prevent any issues from arising during a very inappropriate time, like when you are fully rented out.

In the case renovations are needed, communication is key between the landlord and the tenants, as well as the crew that will be in charge of the renovations. For any type of renovations, a 24-hour notice ALWAYS needs to be sent out first before entering the unit. For whatever reason the landlord does not send out a notice and arrives at the unit without any heads up to the tenant, it will immediately cause conflict. More than likely the tenant will feel the landlord has blatantly disregarded their tenant rights and might also not be open to working with the landlord on a possible time crunch. Landlords must look out for their tenants and keep the relationships strong during these times. If not, the conflict could worsen and there is a strong possibility that the landlord will lose out on money due to tenants refusing to renew their lease. Due to renovations, landlords are already losing out on money.

When it is time to let your tenants know what kind of renovations need to be done, it is best for the landlord to explain clearly what exactly will be performed. Small projects like checking the attics of the top floor units would just need a notice in a letter, again 24-hour notice prior to arrival. If renovations are more extensive where tenants may need to be moved out of their units, they should have a clear discussion or at least a very clear letter that breaks down everything so the tenants understand.

Sometimes during these renovation plans, the entire unit may need to be renovated. While some reconstruction cases can be worked around allowing tenants to continue living in their unit, a lot will require the tenants to stay in a new location. Landlords need to ensure they discuss this with the tenants along with the discussion of their rent, which will not be excused but could be up for a reduction given the circumstances. The tenants should be given an estimated time for how long these renovations should take and what exactly is being renovated.

If the landlord does not have time to discuss this information with their tenants affected by the renovations, a company like Relocation Support Service can be brought in to assist. We will be in charge of communicating with the landlord and get all the information from them that tenants need. Once we gather all that information we share it with the tenants. We also assist with helping with the relocation process if the tenants are required to relocate. This could be for over a year or less. Either way, we discuss the needs of the tenants and share that information with the landlord so we can assist the tenants with being relocated to a location that will perfectly fit the tenant. Usually, these locations are furnished so furniture may need to be placed in storage during their temporary living situation.

If for whatever reason after the renovations have been completed but there has been damage done to something else in the unit, or that the renovation was not properly performed, the tenant can discuss with the landlord about rent reduction until the object in discussion has been fixed. Granted, before tenants return to their units, landlords should check with contractors about the work done to ensure all the renovations were completed accurately and safely.

Ensure that communication between the landlord and the tenants is all documented. Whether that is an in-person meeting or a written letter, keeping documentation will help with any confusion and worst-case scenario prevent landlords from being sued if a tenant attempts. Again, with the assistance of Relocation Support Service we can assist with providing said information. We can also assist with making an entire relocation case project smooth and stress-free for all parties.


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