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Relocation Support Specialists

The term ‘relocation’ tends to be lost among the meaning of ‘moving’. At Relocation Support Service it means something else, but not entirely. Relocation goes hand-in-hand with moving but it is not something a tenant may willingly want when it comes to vacating their home, and in this case vacating for a certain amount of time. It is something that needs to be done when an apartment complex or even a duplex needs to have reconstruction done. This could be requested by the landlord, and it may even be requested by an inspector that noticed a fault in the foundation of the building.

The idea of relocation, in this case, can be stressful, and one may believe they have little to no negotiations when it comes to the home they may be put in during the reconstruction process. Some may even end up without a place to stay. That is where Relocation Support Service comes in and our Relocation Support Specialists assist the tenants.

Our Relocation Specialists are prepared to assist residents during the entire relocation process. They are brought on when the landlord contacts Relocation Support Service for their assistance to relocate the landlord’s tenants. The Relocation Specialists will help provide communication between the landlord, the tenants, and the construction crew. This way it allows a third party to get involved and keep any stress or emotions from the other parties from interfering with communication and the relocation process.

The Relocation Specialists start by gathering information from all parties. This may include how long construction will take with the contractors, when the landlord needs the tenants out by, and what necessities the tenants will need during their temporary living. Seminars will also be held by the Relocation Specialists in order to provide direction to the tenants to prepare them for the relocation process as well as answer any general questions they might have as well. These seminars will also provide information on how to pack your belongings safely.

Once all information is shared, our specialists will monitor the packing progress for tenants. If there are any tenants that have physical disabilities, packing services will be offered in order to meet the move-out deadline. The Relocation Specialist will accompany the tenants to the temporary location to ensure that everything is in order for the tenant to address any issues if they should arrive. Even after the move, the relocation specialists will continue monitoring the case project, including how long the construction is going and if there are any hiccups.

After the reconstruction has been completed and the tenants have moved back into their refurbished homes, our specialists will even distribute surveys to let us know how the experience was. With the response of the surveys, we are able to make improvements based on what will better assist future clients.


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