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Relocation Stress Syndrome and Transfer Trauma

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Relocation Stress
Relocation Support

Relocating, no matter what the reason may be, for better or for worse, can be a stressful and difficult time. While you put most of your time and focus into the relocation process, you need to focus on your mental health. Make sure the changes that are happening you can easily adapt to. If you’re struggling to adapt, you may suffer from Relocation Stress Syndrome.

Also known as Transfer Trauma, Relocation Stress Syndrome (RSS) is a disturbance to your psych resulting from transferring from one environment to another. Most commonly, it is a nursing diagnosis. It can be a minor inconvenience, but there have been other cases of this syndrome taking a stronger effect. Those affected are usually the elderly or those who suffer from a cognitive impairment, such as concentrating, remembering, or making day-to-day life decisions.

That’s why the company, Relocation Support Service, considers it is important to provide a high quality service when it comes to relocation assistance for tenants.

What Characteristics to Look For:

While we will never suggest self-diagnosis or diagnose your friends and family, there are some characteristics to look for when it comes to Relocation stress. Some of these signs can be very subtle like sadness and restlessness. More severe signs include insecurity, loneliness, weight change, stomach problems, and hallucinations.

How Can I Lessen Relocation Stress?

If the situation you’re the landlord requiring the relocation, ensure you’re letting your residents know when the relocation process will be starting. Be sure you’re giving the tenant enough time to prepare themselves, and always deliver messages with an optimistic attitude, and dispose of any negativity.

In case of requiring relocation help, landlords should try their very best to honor the preferences of the resident. Doing so allows the resident to feel as though they have some sort of control over the situation and lessens the stress. For that matter, when the resident takes part in any decision making, it allows them to voice any concerns they may have in the future.

How can Relocation Support Service Help?

Relocation Support Service has talented specialists that will help residents during the entire relocation process. The Resident Service coordination starts when the staff is introduced to the resident as well as a survey will be conducted in order for the team to better assist the resident by knowing exactly what they’ll need. All information received from the resident is all confidential and never shared.

This allows the resident to feel in control during their relocation. The specialists make it their goal to have excellent communication with them to ensure a stress-free relocation case. This will help relieve the Relocation Stress the resident may have, or lessen their case.

Relocation Support Service also makes sure to communicate with the resident when it comes to their belongings. Any precious items will be taken care of, and with direction from the resident, be moved and stored away by their request. They make decisions based on what the resident wants as well as building trust is part of their values.

If you know someone going through a relocation case, and they start showing signs of relocation stress, please seek help, or recommend your friend or family member to check-in with a doctor for assistance.

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