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Moving vs Relocation

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Relocation Support Service
Relocation Support Specialist

What is the difference between moving and relocation? There are several sources that can define ‘moving’ and other sources where ‘relocation’ is used as a way to discuss ‘moving’, but relocation isn’t just a move. At least, not to Relocation Support Service.

When it comes to moving, it is usually moving from one home to a new home. It could be due to wanting to be closer to work, school or family. It could also be just to have a nice change of scenery. However, when it comes to relocation, it’s a little more intricate than that.

Relocation is most often used when it comes to moving for work, and it’s the company that is usually in charge of moving you, such as making the payments and finding a new location. At least, it should be. These relocations may be big moves that may have benefited yourself getting a promotion and the business requires you to be closer. You could be moving a whole state or to a completely different country. Because of your company’s needs, you are ‘relocating’ your entire life to a new spot.

So what’s so different when it comes to relocation for Relocation Support Service?

Relocation Support Service focuses on aiding those who are living in locations that are no longer considered safe and needs to be remodeled. These reasons could be due to old electrical wiring or the building itself has structural damages. Clients include those that have been living in these types of locations for several years and never had the opportunity to move elsewhere for whatever their reason may be. The company specializes in Project Relocation Management for construction or apartment rehabilitation.

When their home has to be shut down and remodeled, it becomes stressful to the residents who have to take their items out and find a new home, which could lead to Relocation Stress Syndrome. However, with the benefit of having Relocation Support Service, they aid both the residents and property owners to create a stress free experience. Relocation Specialists come in to communicate between the tenants and the landlord, receiving all information from both parties for a successful tenant relocation.

The goal is to make relocation easy and stress free for tenants. In doing so, they take precautionary measures requiring them to inspect the home of the tenant to examine exactly what the tenant will need at their temporary home. This may include medical equipment or other hospital needs. In the end, it will help the Relocation Specialist to discuss the schedule needed for the move time with the landlord.

After our relocation specialist gathers all information from both parties, a seminar will be held in order to give tenants direction on when the day of their relocation starts and how much time they have to pack. Relocation Support Services provides packing services, but if the resident truly does not want assistance, they can pack their own items. They are given a specific amount of time to pack, and if they do not seem like they’re going to make the deadline, our professional packers come in and move the resident.

Once all of the residents have been moved from their original home, Relocation Support Service moves them to a temporary location. Communication does not end there as the company will stay in the loop during the entire process, from moving the residents out of their home, and back into their remodeled home. Construction process is monitored so when it is time to move residents back home, those residents do not have to wait any longer.

Currently Relocation Support Service is working on a relocation case project located in Miami Florida. This location consists of relocating residents in four buildings for construction and moving them back into their homes when construction is finished. There is no project too big for Relocation Support Service.

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