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Meet our Relocation Support Specialist

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Tony Taylor
Relocation Support Specialist: Tony Taylor

Meet one of our Senior Employees and her experience with the company:

The company Relocation Support Services started after Allen and Son Moving and Storage and have always worked together with their moving services. This type of service has been an inspiration to coordinate many projects, bring communities together, give satisfaction and make happy customers.

We decided to interview Miss Tony Taylor, one of our senior employees, with many years of experience in the company as a Relocation Support Specialist.

What brought you to work with Allen & Son Moving and Storage?

I believed my skill as a good communicator and leader would serve well in assisting the contractors, owner/management, and residents with their move during the renovation of their home.

How did you become a Relocation Support Specialist?

The owner recruited me for the position as a Relocation Support Specialist based on my 31 years of experience as an Investigator with the State of Maryland after my retirement.

What do you like the best from becoming a Relocation Support Specialist?

Communicating with people and being a part of helping them to improve their housing situations. While performing my duties, I developed an attachment to the residents and guided some of them to unknown resources. I even developed a friendship with some residents, and we have maintained regular communications even after the project ended. This has been a very rewarding experience for me.

Can you please describe to us what a daily routine is as a Relocation Support Specialist?

Regular visits are made to the property to meet with management and contractors to address issues pertaining to the project and to assess the needs of the residents. I schedule packing material delivery to the work site and instruct the residents how to safely pack their belongings for transport. I assist with the pack and move schedule which includes completing paperwork. I assist management with making sure all office documents have been signed prior to the move and provide information to residents regarding the moving process and preparation prior to the scheduled service. I am also present during the move to provide assurance for a worry-free transition to the new location.

How did you find out about the company Allen & Son Moving and Storage?

I have had many past experiences with this company and knew the professional service they provide and desired to be a part of it.

What is your commitment to make the company better?

My commitment to Allen and Son is to always strive to be the best Relocation Support Specialist I can be and to always provide professional service to our customers.

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