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Items you will Need for Temporary Living

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Relocation Specialist
Relocation Specialist

When it comes to your home setting up a relocation plan, you will be moved out and moved into a temporary location while the house rehabilitations are in progress. Renovations can be inexplicable for household moving. A set date may be presented to tenants to prepare them for the days coming, but mistakes happen, and worst case scenario, the date could be pushed back further. We’re all human, mistakes are natural.

Given the circumstances, it’s always good to properly prepare yourself for the temporary living lifestyle. So when it comes to packing everything up and moving to your temporary home, you should separate your belongings into two groups. One to go into storage, and the other to move with you that you will need for immediate and consecutive uses. Household moving companies or relocation support services are essential during this process.

Before packing up all your belongings, check with your landlord to see exactly what will be provided in your temporary home. See if there will be any furniture provided or kitchenware. The purpose of Relocation Support Service intermediates between the landlord and the tenants to coordinate a good relocation project.

What are essentials for a temporary relocation?

They’re the most important belongings you will need for everyday use. If you take medication, this is a very important essential and should be packed in a separate box or bag labeled to be moved with you. It should be in the vehicle you will be driving so you know exactly where it is when you need to use it, since most medication is time sensitive.

Clothing is also an essential item to pack. For obvious reasons, you are going to need a change of clothes. And, depending on the time of your move, you might want to think about bringing seasonal clothes. If you moved in the fall, and the renovation period will be during winter, consider bringing a heavier coat. It would be a shame to have to dig through storage to find your winter clothes, and it would be frustrating to have to buy a new coat when you can’t find it.

In the case your temporary home does not include furniture, the company Relocation Support Service understands the needs and will help you move your bed. Or you could come up with a temporary solution like getting a cot to feel comfortable and have a satisfactory relocation. You will also need a location to store your clothes like a dresser or armoire or simply bring hangers for the closet.

When moving houses, do not forget the main essential item, food! If you have any food already in your current home, bring them over immediately. No one likes when their food going bad. It is best to store food properly and fast to keep the food in good condition until the sell-by date.

What should I store?

Chances of renovations being done around any holidays are pretty slim. However, some renovations can be lengthy. Either way, it is highly recommended to put all your seasonal decorations into storage and use labeled boxes to keep everything organized. The amount of space you have probably does not match with your home, you might have less space. When the holidays are all said and done, that box of decorations may just become an eyesore. Spare yourself the stress and keep it stored!

Most decorations, including your every day decorations are not needed. To save you time, and space, it would be best to keep these packed up with your nonessential items. You also wouldn’t want to hang any pictures in your temporary homes for when you leave, you will have to fill in all the holes.

Big furniture pieces, such as a dining room table or bookshelves should be stored away. If you tend to collect books or delicate antiques, chances are you probably kept them tucked away during your move. You probably would not want to risk unpacking them again only to repack them a couple months later to move back into your home. The same can be said for any collectibles you may have. Having a temporary relocation project is a good opportunity to declutter your home.

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