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Cabin Fever with Temporary Living

Cabin Fever
Cabin Fever with Temporary Living

At Relocation Support Service, we provide a few options for the relocation process depending on the amount of remodeling that is required on a home, Tenant-in-Place, Total Permanent Off-Site Relocation, and Furnished Hospitality Unit. Each process provides different provisions. Tenant-in-Place is an option where only part of the apartment needs to be remodeled allowing you to continue living in your home. Total Permanent Off-Site Relocation is a type of living situation when the home requires an extensive amount of remodeling that may take over a year of construction, so the tenant will be located in a separate unit and you will be allowed to bring some of your furniture if it is not provided in the new unit. The last option, Furnished Hospitality Unit, is similar to Total Permanent Off-Site Relocation, except the remodeling process will be far less than a year and is completely furnished.

Depending on the option chosen for your relocation case, you may have to relocate to a furnished apartment, and even after the first stay in the unit, it may not feel like ‘home’. The units are not necessarily smaller and the units are always in great condition, but after you live in your home for so long, and the same goes for experiencing the lockdown during the pandemic, living in a temporary home just does not feel the same, and that is okay, but you may experience a mental state of‘Cabin Fever’.

What is Cabin Fever?

Cabin Fever refers to when you feel almost trapped in your home, or in this case your temporary home. It is very similar to claustrophobia in a sense, but instead, the panic follows with irritability and restlessness. You may become frustrated with the roommates or family members that may be staying in the same temporary home and you may even be categorized as ‘stir-crazy’. It is not an extreme situation, and there is no reason to seek medical help, you just need to get out of your home for some time to relieve the tension of feeling trapped.

So what can you do to relieve that pressure?

Well, if you communicated with your Relocation Support Specialist, chances are you are still living in the same building or in a general area close to your home that is going through the remodeling. This is one of the ideal situations, and chances are you are still close to going to areas you are familiar with. Could be a restaurant, a store, or even going to a friend or family member’s house. But in case you do not have a clue of where you can go in these kinds of situations, look no further, Relocation Support Service has some tips for you!

Make sure you are getting plenty of rest! The most common answer for a proper amount of sleep is eight hours. Less than six is not enough sleep and can interfere with day-to-day activities such as falling asleep abruptly and suffering from headaches. Your personality may also change such as becoming irritated with others more easily and frequently. A proper amount of sleep could prevent you from growing frustrated with others.

Go out and explore! If you are not familiar with the area, do some research and see what is around you. If you want to go somewhere that is peaceful you might enjoy finding a local cafe shop. The aroma of coffee will easily put you in a relaxing mood, but if that is not your cup of tea, looking into parks around the area will be just as beneficial. You will be able to explore the new area, find little spots that you can make your own, and who knows, you might even return to that spot after your home’s remodeling has been completed! Feeling a natural breeze could also be the change you need from the constant AC filling your temporary home or even the warmth of the sun on your face could be just the change you need and find out what beach is near you will be both exciting and relaxing.

Now during times such as the lockdown during the pandemic, it is always best to keep in mind technology is a good escape tool. While you may be stuck inside your phone is the way to keep in touch with others. Never let the idea of not being able to visit someone keep you from calling them or texting them. It does not hurt you or them to continue communication during difficult times. Also, look into other forms of technology. With a computer or a gaming console, you have access to video games which is always a great way to escape your current reality and step into a new world. Keep in mind if you do have one of these devices you should pack them separately as an important item. These devices are fragile and should be transported with you in your vehicle rather than a movie truck, that way you know exactly where the item is.

Exploring new locations may also spark inspiration! It may be an inspiration to work on a project that you had been put on hold due to the relocation process, or you may have been inspired to start something completely new, like a new hobby. It may even allow you to overcome feeling irritable with others, and before long your stay in that unit will be completed and you will be back to moving into your home again!


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